I am Hester Zoutman, married and mother of a daughter. I love events! It is not always the size that attracts me, more so the events that have the right flow. Where I can see and feel in the big and small details they know what the story is they are telling. Where they take me on a journey.

I’m a natural organiser and I quickly see the bigger picture; how to get things together and build a good program. I’m a go-getter, teambuilder and I do not stop until the job is done. I have a true passion for what I do.
I’m always stunned by the many discomforts participants of an event have to endure. My mission is to get rid of these bumps in the road. This is all about making the right choices in suppliers, location, crew and investing in all of them.
It might seem that this is obvious. Yes, but in the heat of the moment, driven by budget restrictions, shortage of team members and logistical challenges; the choices made do not always result in the best outcome. They disturb the flow of the day.
I can change that. When critical decisions need to be made, you can still make a choice that will not harm the outcome of the day. You want your participants to keep talking about this event for a long time, in a positive way!
My main concerns are: team and flow.
If you want to invite me as a speaker, check hesterzoutman.nl